MGC: “Settle this Dispute” to Boston and Wynn Officials

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) is giving the proponents of the Wynn Everett Casino proposal and the City of Boston until the end of the week to resolve an ongoing dispute over whether or not Boston should be considered a host community. Former Mass Governor William Weld, testifying on behalf of Wynn at a MGC hearing on Wednesday  morning argued that the entire casino proposal lies within the City of Everett.

However, Boston officials argue that a sliver of land is Boston property according to Wynn’s Environmental Notification Form.
The City’s Host Community Advisory Committee’s (HCAC) Elizabeth Dello Russo said it was the city’s opinion that Charlestown should be designated a Host Community and be able to vote on the proposal.
Dello Russo argued that according to the ENF a portion of Wynn’s plans includes development of property within Boston’s city limits. She added that the casino proposal would significantly impact Charlestown.
If the two sides cannot come to an agreement the MGC said it would rule whether Boston should be a host community.
If the MGC makes that ruling Wynn must negotiate with Boston to develop and approve a Host Community Agreement.
The agreement must identify and appropriately address all impacts the gaming facility will have on the host community. The host community is then required to host a referendum to approve the Host Community Agreement which most likely allow a ‘ward only’ vote in Charlestown.
“The Wynn Casino proposal will impact Charlestown as much, if not more than Everett, and because of these potential impacts they should be designated a host community,” said Charlestown City Councilor Sal LaMattina.

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