Election Now in Full Swing: Many Issues for the Voters to Consider

With the dog days of summer officially behind us, the attention of voters turns to the candidates for the various municipal offices who are now in the final stretch run of getting out their campaign messages.

In Everett, the September primary will include a mayor’s race between incumbent Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Aldermen Robert VanCampen and Millie Cardello.  The November election will feature the two top vote getters of the mayor’s primary, as well as a host of candidates seeking election to the newly-constituted City Council.

Many voters have already made up their minds whom they will be supporting, but there are still a large number of  undecided voters who could determine the final outcome.

We view the next few years as a seminal time for our community and the voters’ decisions will be crucial to the future of Everett. The big question on everyone’s mind is what happens if Everett is approved as the location for the proposed casino. Our officials whom we elect in November will be addressing the many issues that will be coming up in the beginning stages of the casino project.

We urge all voters to start listening to the candidates’ positions and ask questions of all the candidates in anticipation of making an informed decision at the ballot box.

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