Security Cameras in City Parks Up and Running

Mayor Carlo DeMaria is pleased to report that LAN- TEL Communications Inc. has installed a HD security camera system for eight parks and playgrounds throughout the City.

LAN-TEL Communications offers a full suite of security solutions and associated integration services to help ensure that employees, customers and property are safe and secure.

LAN-TEL’s wide variety of state-of-the-art solutions, coupled with its broad range of experience serving all types of clients and industries, ensures that the environment has the proper technology in place to manage security and safety requirements with ease.

With this advancement in public safety, Police department personnel will have the ability to monitor individual cameras, detect unusual behavior, and transmit all data back to the Police Department, with the ease of quick access to databases.

“The progress and development of public safety initiatives within our City has and will always remain a priority of mine,” states Mayor DeMaria, “The installment of these new cameras will provide children and their families with an additional sense of security and safety.”

“These additional cameras help add another layer of security to the safety of our residents and as in the past give us an opportunity to provide evidence against those that commit crime in our community after the fact,” states Police Chief Steven Mazzie, “We have had positive results from our existing system and this addition compliments what we have been using for a decade now.”

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