School, Union Contract Negotiations Go Public Teacher’s Union Stages ‘show of Unity’ Following Negotiations

The Everett Teacher’s Association coordinated a unity rally prior to the start of school last Friday, January 25, during which all teachers around the district met together outside of school  and entered the building together.

According to Superintendent of Schools Frederick F. Foresteire, his understanding was that the action was not meant to be seen as a picket or protest of school district, but rather was intended to rally the union membership together, in light of recently renewed negotiations with the administration.

“We have been negotiating with the teachers for about a year and we had reached an agreement several months ago,” explained Foresteire. “However, that agreement was rejected by the (union) membership, and we hadn’t negotiated any further.”

Foresteire said that following the holidays and the re-opening of schools after January 1, administration officials and union leadership had met to re-open negotiations and each side had made new proposals to the other, about the parameters for a contract.”

“The action on Friday was organized to show unity among the teachers and was an event where the teachers met outside the schools and then came into the schools at 7:40 together,” explained the superintendent.

Attempts to reach Union President Kim Auger, a teacher at the Parlin School, for comment about the action were unsuccessful.

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