Galazka Speaks About Community Development at Chamber Breakfast

The Everett Chamber of Commerce joined BNY Mellon in presenting a breakfast meeting Tuesday morning at BYN Mellon’s Glendale Hall.

Marzie Galazka, director of Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s Office of Community Development, delivered the keynote address (see her remarks on page 16) at the meeting.  Galazka, who is in her fifth year in the position, focuses her efforts on grant writing ($17.5 million-to-date), business and economic development, open space development, transportation initiatives, and assisting public social services and housing development.

Galazka received her Bachelor’s of Science Degree from Salem State University and her Master’s in Public Administration from Suffolk University.

Vincent Panzini of Ameriprise Financial was the program chairman for the breakfast and introduced the speakers.

Louis  Mauiri, executive vice president of BNY, welcomed the large crowd to the breakfast. Carol Churchill of Distrigas/GDF SUEZ, president of the Everett Chamber of Commerce, brought the official greetings of the Everett business organization.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria delivered the opening remarks. The city’s chief executive talked about his office’s accessibility to local businesses, the important role that businesses play in the city, and the resources that his office can provide to businesses to so that they can succeed in the city.

“I think it’s very important to have a good relationship with the business community,” said DeMaria. “I want to thank Carol Churchill for her work at the Chamber of Commerce. It’s nice to have someone who on a daily basis wants to work with you.”

Rich Pellagrini, Greater Boston regional director for the Massachusetts Office of Business Development, and Michael Corcoran, supervisor of operations of the Workforce Training Fund, also spoke at the meeting. Corcoran said there are many grants available for business owners in the state.

State Sen. Sal DiDomenico and State Rep. Steven Smith brought the official greetings from Beacon Hill.

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