After-school Music Program Geared Toward Youth

Mayor DeMaria with the 1st group of parents and students at the grand opening celebration.

La Comunidad Inc. is pleased to announce the opening of an after-school music program that offers music education to the children of Everett. Hosted at the First United Parish of Everett,

Mayor DeMaria, Meena Malik, Atsuko Jozaki, and Aristides Rivas at the opening celebration.

Youth Making Music Together (YMMT) opened its doors this past Monday afternoon to the public, registering the first group of students and holding their first classes. The open house, which took place immediately after the class was attended by the City of Everett’s Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. and Director of Communications, Matt Laidlaw.

The purpose of the program is to provide creative and social integration for the young community through music. Children from all backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to participate. One of the examples of the impact that music can have on a community can be seen in the Venezuelan music program El Sistema. Through this program, children can learn the value of self-discipline, hard work, and develop a sense of belonging while making music together in a creative and stimulating environment. The three founding members, Meena Malik, Atsuko Jozaki, and Aristides Rivas lead YMMT. All three are passionate musicians and educators who have one goal in common: to share the gift of music.

YMMT meets every Monday from 3:30 – 5:30 p.m. at the First United Parish of Everett on 460 Broadway, Everett, MA. Three classes are offered for this pilot program. The first class is “Introduction to Music,” which includes beginner level music theory and music history. This class is required of all students participating in the program. Students can choose between “Choir” and “Instrumental Ensemble” for their second class. YMMT is accepting children from age 7 through high school. No previous music experience is required. For more information please contact YMMT at [email protected].

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