Mayor Looks to Invest in Upgrades to Everett’s Municipal Buildings, Fire Station and City Hall

Special to the Independent

Mayor Carlo DeMaria Jr. will conduct an official study to invest in major renovations to City Buildings, including City Hall and the City’s two oldest Fire Station’s: Central Station and Hancock Station. DeMaria is looking to expand upon a report from 2009, conducted by RF Walsh and Associates, which explored potential uses of the Old High School.  In the 2009 report, the City received a basic assessment on the condition of existing municipal buildings.

“At this point, we know that both City Hall and our Central Fire Station need upgrades,” states Mayor DeMaria, “It’s important that we get ahead of the process, start looking at detailed costs, plans and specifications.”

DeMaria also added that this beginning phase will help both the Fire Department and Community Development offices work together to securing grants, state aid and federal dollars to offset future improvements.  DeMaria’s goal is to continue looking for opportunities to improve infrastructure at existing buildings or in the case of City Hall, find ways to condense office space, so the city can explore leasing office space in the existing building.

“City Hall was once home to many departments, when it was originally built,” adds DeMaria, “today we do not need as much office space, if we can condense operations, share resources, and ultimately improve the quality of workspace we’ll look into options for leasing space in the building.”

DeMaria anticipates delivering a plan to the City Council within the next few months.

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