Aldermen Have Unusally Quiet Board Meeting

The Board of Aldermen had a quiet agenda Monday night, so a few moments of joking was probably in order.

One item was a new red awning at Santiago’s Barber Shop on Main Street. Alderman Joseph McGonagle asked if the new awning fell within the Board’s rules. On being notified that it did and seeing a picture of the proposed awning, he said to his colleagues “very nice.” However, Alderman Robert Van Campen who was not to be out quipped said, ’and City Clerk Michael Matarazzo is wearing a swatch of it,” referring to Matarazzo’s red shirt.

And speaking of “Who are you going to call”

Before the Aldermen approved the license for a Second Class Dealer at 70 Chelsea Street and repair stalls at 67R Chelsea Street, Alderwoman Millie Cardello wanted to know if there are issues with this establishment who should the residents call.

She noted that that the residents do not feel like calling the police to report the matter.

Matarazzo noted since the licenses are under the jurisdiction of the Aldermen, then all complaints should be sent to him.  “Even at night (to call him),” he told the Aldermen.

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