Alderman Van Campen Thinking of the Future

I got a call from Alderman Robert Van Campen last week.

He wasn’t miffed. That really isn’t his style.

However, he wanted to let me know that he remains interested in one day becoming the mayor of this city and that if push comes to shove and things look and feel right for him, he would absolutely make the attempt.

Will he do this in the upcoming election season?

I’m not too sure he would but then, he didn’t call me to reiterate that he won’t.

Van Campen makes for an interesting Everett political figure.

First off, he’s a lawyer and not just a lawyer but a city solicitor (in Melrose).

Second, he’s a family man raising a family with youngsters in this city.

He has a lovely wife, great kids, a nice home, with family all around – and for him – Everett remains a wonderful place to live a life and to raise his family.

Third, he’s a young man with enormous energy and with a willingness to be in the fray.

His politics are not rambunctious.

He is a sensible guy who votes sensibly and who tends not to get involved in the underhanded side of politics.

Van Campen has never tossed his hat into the ring to run for mayor.

I believe he missed some opportunities in the past when the city was beset by political divisions and infighting, which is generally a perfect scenario for launching a mayoral race.

Van Campen is not a young man without money.

In fact, he could run for mayor without raising a penny from outside sources and probably manage to fund his own campaign.

He wouldn’t. But I believe he could.

So whether he runs or not is not about money in the strictest sense.

What is it about?

It is about personal popularity, personal desire and it is also about the lay of the political land in Everett as it exists today.

He does not believe he could run against Mayor DeMaria in a one on one and win today.

But anything is possible when it comes to predicting the future.

In a hotly contested two or three man race, he might very well be able to mount the kind of campaign that would have him as a real contender.

This most likely will not happen in the upcoming election season.

Van Campen is doing what he does best.

He postures as though he will be a mayoral candidate.

He aspires to the corner office.

One day, he’ll pull the trigger and run.

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