The new football field

The new artificial turf field at Everett Memorial Stadium is nearing completion.

And what a moment that will be for this city and for this city’s athletes.

When that field is ready and open, it will become a 24/7 possibility for football and soccer players, when before it could barely be used because the turf always needed to be redone.

In this instance, artificial turf – perhaps a seventh generation product that will last at least ten years without a problem – is the best antidote to incessant seeding, watering, cutting, et cetera.

And unbelievably enough, the artificial turf product is greener environmentally than the grass itself as there is no carbon footprint and there are no pesticides in the artificial turf as there is in additives spread onto the grass to enhance it.

However the greatest benefit the artificial turf brings to Everett’s kids and athletes is a great field 24 hours a day.

It is perfectly level – a playing field to die for if you are a community without one.

When the award winning championship Crimson Tide football team makes this field its home, there should be an improvement in general execution of plays, and quickness.

Even in the rain and snow, the players will be sure footed, without mud splattering all over the place and without slipping and sliding as the artificial field drains perfectly.

We tend not to like things artificial at the newspaper.

However in the case of Everett Memorial Stadium’s new surface.

We welcome it.

What a great addition to the city’s athletic facilities.

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