Chasing down water Users who don’t pay

For many, many years in this city it was a well known best kept secret that many of the city’s major water users had meters that didn’t record the true level of water use and in some instances, major users by-passed their water meters relying on the city’s inability to read the meters correctly and in a specific time frame.

According to Mayor Carlo DeMaria, those days are over.

The water meter rumor and innuendo is the stuff of stale history.

The mayor’s administration is dedicated to bringing into the 21st Century all of the city’s major water users to a person – every last one so that the city is no longer paying for millions of gallons of water used by some of the city’s largest consumers of water.

It is about time.

The mayor has taken a bold step to correct this longstanding mess.

We applaud his effort as it finally creates a fair playing field here for all commercial users – something that was long overdue.

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