Funds transferred to clear up deficit

Common Councillors knew it was getting closer to the end of the fiscal year as they approved several transfers in the amount of $1,657,500 from the General Fund to clear up deficits in certain city accounts at the meeting Monday night.

Police Chief Steven Mazzie appeared before the councilors asking them for $120,000 to bring the overtime account into the black.

“This account was severly underfunded,” Mazzie told the Councilors.

At the beginning of the fiscal year, there was $216,000 allocated for this account. Mazzie noted that in addition to being down by seven officers, the real use of this fund happens to be for police investigating crimes. He mentioned that the recent homicide investigation had cost almost $7,000 in overtime.

On a brighter news note Mazzie also informed the councillors that the city has received a federal grant of $1.3 million funding an additional five police officers for the next three years.

Other departments that were undefended were the E911 Radio maintenance Account as well the Unemployment Compensation Account.

The Compensation Account was short by more than $630,000 as the benefits had been extended to those unemployed. The added cost was tacked onto the city by the State.

Lastly, the Councillors approved another $900,000 to finish the renovations at the Parlin School. Earlier in the year, the councilors had approved a bond of $2 million to do the repairs but were told last night by Jill Barringer, Chief Procurement Officer, that there were some unexpected added expenses that were discovered after the job was bid.

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