MBTA Announces Service Information for the 2024 Boston Marathon

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The MBTA today announced service information on Monday, April 15, the day of the 2024 Boston Marathon. Every year, the MBTA prepares for the Boston Marathon across all departments in many ways. It supports the annual event with increased service to accommodate spectators and runners, acknowledges the crucial role of public transit during this celebratory time, and expresses sincere appreciation for its ridership and dedicated workforce.

Behind the scenes, a dedicated team of MBTA leaders from various departments, including operations, track, signals, and safety, will be monitoring the system throughout the day, ready to troubleshoot any unforeseen issues that may arise. The MBTA’s Security team will have representatives in the Unified Coordination Center, located at the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency’s headquarters in Framingham, which serves as the central hub for public safety operations on race day. The Transit Police Department will also continue to monitor the system with robust support available as needed. Additional staff and Transit Ambassadors will be strategically positioned throughout the system to assist with passenger flow and answer any questions or concerns from riders.

Riders are encouraged to hold handrails and use care and caution while traversing stairs and escalators due to anticipated crowding and high ridership. Additional porters will also proactively identify and address cleaning needs throughout the system, from sweeping floors and disposing of trash to maintaining restrooms and replenishing supplies.

MBTA Service Information for the 2024 Boston Marathon:

For the first time ever, the Route 1 bus will operate with increased Saturday service from 9 AM to 9 PM with buses arriving as frequently as every 5 minutes (the Route 1 typically operates every 9-15 minutes on Saturdays) – the Route 1 travels across both sides of the Marathon route, making it an easy way for spectators to traverse the Marathon to cheer on runners. The Framingham/Worcester Commuter Rail Line will also offer additional inbound and outbound trips to accommodate anticipated increases in ridership.

To find the best Marathon viewing location on the T, riders are encouraged to visit the MBTA’s Boston Marathon Guide at mbta.com/Marathon, which highlights MBTA stations closest to the Marathon route and includes other helpful information on purchasing fares, parking, and more.

Station Closures:

• For public safety reasons, Copley Station is closed for the entire day on April 15. Riders are instead encouraged to use Arlington Station (serving all Green Line branches), Prudential Station (Green Line E branch), Hynes Convention Center Station (Green Line B, C, and D branches), or Back Bay Station on the Orange Line.

• From approximately 10 AM to 6 PM, above-ground Green Line stops at South Street (B branch), Kent Street (C branch), and St. Mary’s Street (C branch) will be closed.

• In the interest of public safety, the MBTA may adjust service or temporarily close additional stations near the finish line.

Service Information:

• The Green, Red, Orange, Blue, and Silver lines will operate a regular weekday schedule on April 15 with additional service before and after the race.

• Buses will operate a Saturday schedule on April 15 with some routes detoured to accommodate the Marathon and other festivities. Route 1 will operate an increased Saturday schedule from 9 AM to 9 PM on Marathon Monday with buses arriving approximately every five minutes.

o   Riders are encouraged to subscribe to T-Alerts for more information on bus route diversions. Visit mbta.com/Marathon for a complete list of changes.

• All Commuter Rail lines will operate a regular weekday schedule on April 15. There will be a special Marathon Monday schedule in effect on the Framingham/Worcester Commuter Rail Line offering four additional inbound and five additional outbound trips with more information on mbta.com soon.

• All ferry and RIDE paratransit services will operate a regular weekday schedule. The RIDE may be detoured to accommodate the Marathon and related events.

• Bicycles are prohibited onboard all MBTA subway vehicles (including folding bicycles) for the entire day on April 15. Additionally, bikes and scooters (including folding ones) will not be allowed on board Framingham/Worcester Commuter Rail Line trains starting at 5 PM on Sunday, April 14 (the first inbound train impacted is No. 2512 and the first outbound train impacted is No. 2513) through end of service on April 15 due to anticipated extra Marathon ridership. Backpacks, coolers, cans, bottles, and large items are not permitted at the Marathon.

Paying Fares:

• On the Commuter Rail, the MBTA recommends purchasing the $10 Holiday Weekend Pass, which will be available for passengers to travel all weekend from Saturday, April 13, through Monday, April 15. The $10 Holiday Weekend Pass is valid for all Commuter Rail lines and zones with unlimited hop-on and hop-off travel. Passengers should note that Holiday Weekend Passes are not valid on subway or bus.

• For subway and bus travel for those that do not already have a monthly pass, the MBTA recommends loading at least $5 on a CharlieCard on Marathon Monday, which is enough fare for a round trip on the subway.

• For those traveling to the Boston area, a 7-day pass might be the most useful – the MBTA’s 7-day passes are $22.50 and provide unlimited travel for a week from the date of purchase on the subway, buses, Commuter Rail Zone 1A, and Charlestown and East Boston ferries.

• For more information on paying fares, visit mbta.com/fares and mbta.com/Marathon.

Parking Information:

• Riders planning to park in an MBTA garage or lot on April 15 should allow additional travel time and note that some garages and lots may fill very quickly due to heavy parking demand.

• More information is available at mbta.com/Parking.

For more information, visit mbta.com/Marathon or connect with the T on X (the site formerly known as Twitter) @MBTA and @MBTA_CR, Facebook /TheMBTA, Instagram @theMBTA, Threads @thembta, or TikTok @thembta.

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