Council President Requests Update From Mayor’s Office on Charter Review Comm.

City Council President Robert Van Campen is requesting an update from Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s Administration about the appointment process for the special Charter Review Committee and recent department head positions that have been filled by the Mayor.

Van Campen noted in his first motion that “this is the year in which our Charter Review Committee has to form and begin its important work.”

Van Campen said that at the end of 2023, former Council President Mike Marchese made four appointments to the Charter Review Committee on behalf of the City Council.

“Unfortunately, we’re still waiting for the Administration to provide us with the names of the five appointees under Section 9-6 of the city Charter that the Mayor is allowed to make,” said Van Campen, adding that there is an urgency in the Charter Review Committee being convened and established.

The Council unanimously approved Van Campen’s motion that Mayor DeMaria provide a written response to the Council by the April 8 meeting.

In his second motion, Van Campen asked that the Mayor submit to the Council the names of the individuals who have been appointed to new department heads so the Council can approve the appointments.

Describing himself as “a rule follower to an almost obsessive, compulsive level,” Van Campen said he has observed during his three months in office that “there are some folks that are operating as department heads who unfortunately, for whatever reason, haven’t come before the City Council for appointment.”

“This is an explicit requirement in the City Charter,” Van Campen said firmly. “The City Council has the right and the duty to vote on your appointment in accordance with our City Charter.”

Van Campen requested a written response from Mayor DeMaria listing the names and titles of the new department heads that have not been confirmed by the City Council.

Van Campen’s motion received a unanimous vote from his colleagues.

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