City of Everett Celebrates Irish American Heritage Month

Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the City of Everett hosted a celebration of Irish American Heritage Month March 16 at Everett City Hall.

The Rev. Joseph Chacha Marwa, spiritual leader of the Immaculate Conception Church, delivered the opening prayer.

Rep. Joseph McGonagle, former city official Michael McLaughlin, Mayor Carlo DeMaria, Sen. Sal DiDomenico, former city councilor Al Lattanzi, Everett High Music Director Gene O’Brien, and Everett DEI Officer Cathy Draine join Everett residents for a photo.
Former City Councilor Al Lattanzi, Ailey Draine, and Simone Holyfield.
Jason LaMonica and Ward 3 Councilor Anthony DiPierro.

 Mayor DeMaria led the speaking program that was followed by the raising of the flag of Ireland. The flag consists of the colors, green, white, and orange.

“Thank you for joining us this afternoon for our second annual Irish Heritage Month Celebration,” said DeMaria. “Irish luck is certainly with us today with such a beautiful day for this event.”

“It seems fitting that the Irish flag is the first flag that we raising this year as part of our ongoing efforts to celebrate the cultures that make Everett so special,” said DeMaria. “The green of the flag reminds us that spring is approaching and bringing with it, new growth, rebirth, and the optimism that spring always brings with it.

“The story of the Irish is a story about optimism. Like many cultures, the Irish came to America to overcome the hardships they faced at home in Ireland. They sacrificed to make the journey to the United States and clung to their faith during their voyage.

“They demonstrated their strength of character when they were met here, not with open arms, but with signs in windows that said, “Irish Need Not Apply.”

“Even when faced with all of that, the Irish did not let it turn their hearts or steal their belief that there was good in the world,” concluded DeMaria, who also shared an uplifting Irish blessing with the assemblage.

Sen. Sal DiDomenico said, “It’s a great day for our community when we are celebrating the many cultures that make up the fabric of the City of Everett. And today we want to celebrate and thank the many folks from Ireland, the Irish Americans who have helped make this community what it is today.”

Rep. Joseph McGonagle also delivered remarks at the event.

“St. Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays because it celebrates camaraderie and community, no matter your heritage,” said McGonagle. “A celebration like the one we are having today is testament to the strength and spirit of the Irish. As many of you know, I could not be prouder of my Irish heritage and family. I feel so lucky to come from such a resilient people. I stand on the shoulders of my family who fled their homes and came to this country, then facing here in America oppression, while still fighting for a better life so I could be standing where I am today. I am extremely grateful.”

Following the celebration, many guests gathered at Stewart’s Pub for a community reception.

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