DiDomenico Hosts Briefing With Students To Advocate for Safe and Supportive Schools

Special to the Independent

Last week, Senator Sal DiDomenico hosted a briefing for students from across the state and welcomed them to the State House to discuss the importance of Safe and Supportive Schools. At the briefing, middle and high school students shared their perspectives on what they need in order to do well in school and why now is a critical moment to prioritize funding for Safe and Supportive Schools.

Senator DiDomenico speaking alongside students and advocates in the State House.

“I was moved by the passion and activism I saw in these students, and I am proud that our office has secured funding for Safe and Supportive Schools over the last several sessions and I will continue advocating for funding in this year’s budget,” said Sal DiDomenico, Assistant Majority Leader of the Massachusetts Senate. “Protecting and supporting our children should be our top priority, and properly funding this initiative will go a long way towards achieving that goal. I want to thank my State House Colleagues, Anne Eisner, Director of the Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative, and Michael Gregory for organizing this great event and for all their work supporting students throughout Massachusetts. 

Senator DiDomenico co-hosted this event with the Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative of Harvard Law School and State Representative Ruth B. Balser, State Representative Denise Garlick, and Senator Jason Lewis. The Safe and Supportive Schools grant program and related resources help school districts and communities build safe and supportive learning environments for all students. Senator DiDomenico has been a longtime supporter of funding this initiative and will continue to do so in this year’s budget.

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