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Accessible Public Walk Along the Malden River Shoreline

To the Editor,

This letter is an edited version of the testimony given on February 12, 2024

I write today to speak on the importance of National Grid building an accessible public walk along the Malden River Shoreline. Malden, Everett, and Medford have been patiently waiting for National Grid to come into Chapter 91 compliance since at least 2018. More recently, as community engagement with surrounding natural resources has only grown, National Grid has continued to stand in the way of their legally mandated responsibilities to these environmental justice communities. My hope is that the Commissioner’s review be completed soon and with full understanding of the impact that this decision will have on Everett and the surrounding communities. As the State Representative for the City of Everett, I understand the critical importance of ensuring access to tidelands and holding all parties accountable under the law. I believe that it is in the best interest of these communities that they be guaranteed safe and continuous access along the Malden River, and that National Grid should be held to all conditions of the permit for which they initially applied. National Grid’s decision to file, withdraw, and appeal various aspects of this permitting process has unnecessarily delayed granting public access to the Malden River. While I am appreciative of National Grid’s initial investment in funding the design documents for this community walkway, I am disheartened that resources are being focused on litigation instead of sustained community engagement. Malden, Everett, and Medford are prepared to be willing partners in maintenance and enforcement for the community path once it is built. The key is ensuring that National Grid complies with all the state regulations it is subject to, including ones that require investment in our communities. I echo the concerns of the community groups activated around this issue; National Grid should not be allowed to strategically skirt their obligations under the law through parliamentary maneuverings. To allow so would set a dangerous precedent that would not serve to benefit residents as they seek to access our state’s many natural resources to which they are legally entitled access. I encourage a thoughtful and timely review of the facts of this case, with the goal of moving this to a final decision on how National Grid must comply with the Chapter 91 conditions that have previously been discussed. With any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office. Thank you.


State Rep.

Joe McGonagle

Equip our Fire Department With an Adequate Fleet

To the Editor,

Tragedy struck in Winthrop on January 29, 2024. A mother’s worst nightmare became reality when her 2-year old daughter suffered a cardiac arrest which, ultimately, resulted in the toddler’s death. It took a one-and-a-half hours – a full 90-minutes – after the toddler’s mother called 911 for an ambulance to arrive to the scene to escort the child to MGH.

Winthrop utilizes the services of Action Ambulance to respond to these types of emergencies. Upon receiving the call for response to the scene, they were unable to dispatch one of their own ambulances due to their fleet responding elsewhere. They contacted their mutual aid network, including Cataldo Ambulance, Armstrong Ambulance, and Boston Emergency Medical Services, but none of the companies had available vehicles to respond.

I want to be clear: none of these companies are to blame for the toddler’s death. They simply did not have the adequate resources – be it staff or fleet – to respond to the scene. But, what is important to note is that this tragic situation is not an anomaly. I have heard multiple examples from our own first responders here in Everett where urgent situations were not responded to as quickly as possible due to a lack of vehicles available. Statewide, response times have slowed by nearly 15%, with 2022 experiencing the slowest response times in Boston since at least 2014 according to Boston Globe reports. I understand that statistics like these can just seem like numbers, but last week’s tragedy in Winthrop provides a greater perspective by humanizing these figures.

The implementation of the ambulance fleet into the Everett Fire Department was a showcase that Everett recognizes the need for more-reliable response times and that the City wants to take matters into their own hands. I have publicly supported this initiative since its inception. Now it is time to equip our Fire Department with an adequate fleet. I call upon this Council to support a Resolution and, if need be, a funding appropriation, to secure an additional ambulance for EFD.

More important than being responsive is exercising precaution. Let’s not wait until tragedy hits even closer to home before we act. Support those who support our most vital asset – our residents – by providing them with the proper equipment to carry out their functions.

Thank you.

Al Lattanzi

Everett resident

and business-owner

I Will Vote for President Biden Again

Dear Editor,            

This, Dear Editor, is a listing of what the Biden-Harris administration has accomplished in less than 4 years.  In the 02-22-24 “Winthrop Sun Transcript,” you note, “Let’s be clear where we stand:  Joe Biden has been a great president and his administration has accomplished more legislation that will benefit Americans than any since Lyndon Johnson’s in the 1960’s.” 

You proceed to urge Joe Biden to step aside as the Democratic Presidential candidate because of his age and sometimes “stumbling” during public speeches.  However, you appear to agree with me when you further state, “and candidates have to be judged based on what they can do if re-elected.”  I, for one, vote for any candidate based on their voting records and legislation that gives promise to hard-working American families.  www.whitehouse.gov/therecord enumerates the Biden-Harris record with such efforts as:

• Lowering costs of families’ everyday expenses (health insurance, clean energy tax credits, prescription drugs for seniors, $0 tax increase for families earning less than $400,000/year.)

• More people working than at any point in American history.  13.9 million jobs created during the Biden administration—7x more than the last 3 Republican presidents combined.

• In efforts to level the playing field, the administration adopted our own Senator Warren’s bill to effect a 15% minimum tax on billion-dollar corporations and a 1% surcharge on corporate stock buybacks.  (Most of the Wall Street group who received major tax cuts from former President Trump in 12-2017, used that money to buy back their own stocks.)

• Lowered the deficit with the single largest annual reduction in American history.

• Rebuilding our infrastructure.

• Awarded the most ever Federal contracting dollars to small businesses and disadvantaged small businesses.

• Signed the Electoral Count Act, which takes long overdue steps to protect the integrity of our elections.

• Enacted first meaningful gun violence reduction legislation in 30 years, and signed legislation to put more cops on the beat and invest in community policing.

• More people with health insurance than ever before.  Capped seniors’ out-of-pocket prescription drug expenses at $2,000/year.  People enrolled in Medicare will not pay more than $35 for a month’s supply of insulin, and recipients will receive free vaccines.  Lowered the cost of hearing aids by making them available over the counter (E. Warren initiated).   Expanded benefits and services for toxic exposed Veterans, and advanced cutting-edge research on cancer and other diseases through the ARPA-H initiative.

• Protecting and fighting to expand Social Security.

• More than 40 million borrowers from middle and working-class families stand to benefit from student debt relief.

• Advancing equity and racial justice, including historic criminal justice reform. Signed legislation to strengthen the Violence Against Women Act, lifted the “gag rule” protecting reproductive rights, and protected marriage for LGBTQI+ and interracial couples.

• Rejoined the Paris Agreement on day one to reassert US leadership to combat the climate crisis, jumpstarted the American offshore wind industry, and set new policies to reduce super pollutants like HFCs and methane to protect communities and reduce emissions that fuel climate change. Delivering the most aggressive climate and environmental justice agenda in American history.  Took action to lower energy costs for families.

I will vote for President Biden again, because through his many years, Joe Biden has gained tremendous amounts of experience and wisdom as Senator, Vice-President, and President of these United States.  I vote for a candidate based on his/her voting record.  THAT’s what tells me “what they can do if re-elected.”  Go to www.whitehouse.gov/therecord to review the Biden-Harris record.

Thank you.

Donna Segreti Reilly

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