Council Provided Update On City-Owned Ambulance Service

Provisional Fire Chief Joseph Hickey provided statistics on the operation of the city-owned ambulance following a request for an update by Councilor-at-Large Michael Marchese.

The chief’s update coincided with an appearance by former councilor Al Lattanzi during the public participation session of the meeting requesting the city consider the purchase of a second ambulance.

Hickey told the Council that the city ambulance has responded to more than 1,200 calls since its inception in September, 2023. “Seventy-one percent of those calls have been transports,” added Hickey.

Hickey said that billing for the calls has commenced “and we will get a reconciliation report at the end of the month with regard to what has been billed out.”

Marchese asked if the city were to consider purchasing a second ambulance whether the revenues would cover the costs for the City of Everett. Marchese added that the safety of Everett residents is the top priority.

“I think with any new venture, we need a little more time to actually get all the metrics together to ascertain whether or not [the venture] is profitable,” replied Hickey.

Ward 3 Councilor Anthony DiPierro asked whether there are grants available to subsidize the cost of ambulance operations. Hickey responded that there could be grants available for fire apparatus, but he will seek further information about EMS or DPH grants for city-run ambulances.

Councilor-at-Large Katy Rogers asked where the city-owned ambulance was housed, to which Hickey replied that it was housed at the Hancock Street fire station.

Marchese concluded the discussion by stating that he was “satisfied and happy” with Hickey’s information and update on the city-owned ambulance.

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