DiDomenico Advocates for Bill Providing IDs to Returning Citizens

Special to the Independent

Senator Sal DiDomenico recently spoke before the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security to advocate for his bill, S.1506, An Act relative to successful transition and re-entry to tomorrow for incarcerated persons. This legislation will provide identification cards to people who are incarcerated and will soon be re-entering our communities. Many people who are released from incarceration do not have IDs, so they are immediately barred from accessing public and private services.

Senator Sal DiDomenico testifying before the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security

Senator Sal DiDomenico spoke about the importance of passing his proposal, “The unfortunate truth is that we do not prepare people leaving prison for re-entry into society and one simple and effective way to change that, is by giving them an ID. This bill will provide people leaving incarceration with the ability to prove their identity in our society, which is key to accessing housing, food, employment, and basic needs that allow a person to survive, and then to thrive.”

Without an ID card, some people can’t even enter rehabilitation homes or halfway houses, which poses a very clear and harmful challenge to someone who is reentering society. This problem is likely to increase recidivism because we make life so difficult at the very first step of the re-entry process for these individuals, which is the opposite of how we should be treating our residents. 

Senator DiDomenico sponsored this bill alongside State Representative Brandy Fluker Oakley, and he will continue to work with her and the countless advocates to get this important bill over the finish line.

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