Everett Public Libraries Launch the “24 in ‘24” Reading Challenge

The Everett Public Libraries are excited to announce the commencement of the “24 in ‘24” reading challenge, inviting community members to participate in a year long reading journey that will culminate in a prize funded by the Friends of the Everett Public Libraries.

“Before COVID, we had challenges like this where we asked patrons to read the number of books for whatever year it was, like 15 in ‘15, 16 in ‘16, and so on,” says Adult Services Librarian Kathleen Slipp. “It was a great way to connect with the community and encourage reading for patrons of all ages. We decided that since it’s been a few years, and since our patrons enjoy the Summer Reading challenge so much, it’s high time that we brought the yearlong challenge back!”

Patrons of all ages are encouraged to participate in the program, where they are asked to read 24 books over the course of the year. While the challenge officially began on January 1st, participants may join whenever they like. The only requirement is that each person reads and logs 24 books by the December 31st deadline. As with other reading challenges in recent years, logging will take place on Beanstack, available for download as an app, accessible via the web at www.everett.beanstack.com, or by scanning the accompanying QR code. Patrons can also opt to track their reading by hand with a paper log, available for pickup at either library. 

“The new year is a great time to set goals for ourselves, and for many people that can include a reading goal. The great thing about this challenge is that any book counts, so long as you finish it. I will personally be logging e-books, audiobooks, and graphic novels as part of my 24 books, and I encourage others to do so as well,” says Information Services Librarian Sofia Safran.

Library Director Kevin Sheehan adds further, “It’s a bit of an ambitious goal for some of us, but some good strategies are picking good books you’ll want to read, picking a series like Harry Potter, Jack Reacher, or The Chronicles of Narnia, and/or reading in the morning or afternoon rather than the evening if you’re exhausted after a long day. We’ve compiled some staff favorites to help with selection as well, which you can ask for at either library or view on our online catalog at bit.ly/EVEopac.”

For further information regarding the reading challenge, or with any questions about Beanstack, please contact the Parlin Memorial Library at 617-394-2300 or the Shute Memorial Library at 617-394-2308.

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