Local Students Earn Academic Honors

Malden Catholic Students From Everett, MA Achieve Honor Roll – First Quarter

Malden Catholic students have completed the coursework required for the first quarter of the 2023-2024 school year. The school has three categories for outstanding academic performance honors: President’s List (90 – 100 in all classes), First Honors (85 to 89 in all classes), and Second Honors (80 to 84 in all classes).

President’s List (90 to 100 in all classes)

Giavana Bono​​​

Tiffany Braga​​​

Morissa Cefalo​​​

Jordan Demetrio​​

Thao Vi Dinh​​​

Jianyi Guo​​​

Aeden Rodrigues​​

Santiago Rojas​​​

First Honors (85 to 89 in all classes)

Ava Abreu​​​

Kendall Belloise​​

Isabella Bennett​​​

Paula Castillo​​​

Nam Dinh​​​

Maya Fu​​​

Jason Harr​​​

Lisbeth Monteagudo​​

Markus Noel​​​

Gwendolyn Vaughn ​​

Zachary Woods​​​

Second Honors (80 to 84 in all classes)

David Beauvoir​​​

Collin Belloise​​​

Sophia Clarke​​​

Alexandra DeMaria​​

Gabriel Fernandes​​

Jacob Gisetto​​​

Ava Green​​​

Sophia Ingrando​​

Aniya Jean-Baptiste​​

Kayeesha Lamothe​​

Kristen Marchant​​

Adriana Osoy Segovia​​

Yeidalise Perez​​​

Isabella Pizzferri​​

David Ruane​​​

Katelande Valcin​​

Lily Van Campen​​

 Since 1932, Malden Catholic High School has shaped emerging leaders in our community, claiming a Nobel Laureate, a Senator, two ambassadors and countless community and business heads among its alumni. Annually, graduates attend some of the nation’s most renown universities including Harvard, Dartmouth, Georgetown, Brown, Cornell, Tufts, Duke, Georgia Tech, Boston College, Northeastern, Boston University and Amherst College. Foundational to student success is Malden Catholic’s codivisional model which offers the best of both worlds, single-gender academics during the day and integrated social and extracurricular opportunities after school. Malden Catholic is known in the community for its rigorous academics, SFX Scholars Program and award-winning STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with electives such as Robotics and Engineering Design. Malden Catholic curricula is designed to improve individual growth mindset, leadership principles and success outcomes along with integrating the Xaverian values of trust, humility, compassion, simplicity and zeal. https://www.maldencatholic.org/

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