Get Out and Vote On Tuesday

Many of us view local government in the same way that we think about the weather: Everybody complains about it, but nobody does anything about it.

However, unlike the weather, there actually is something we can do about the future direction of our local government: We can get out and vote.

We’ve always found it ironic that the turnout for national elections far exceeds the turnout for local elections. Local government has a much more direct impact on our daily lives than what happens in Washington. Our local government officials are responsible for just about everything that affects the quality of life in our communities, including our schools, public safety departments, trash collection, snow removal, street repair, etc., etc., etc.

Local governments are holding elections across the state this Tuesday, November 7. We urge all of our readers to take the time to get out and vote in order to elect the leaders in our community who best will reflect our values and goals for ourselves and our families.

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