PCSS Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 through October 15 was Hispanic Heritage Month for the Pioneer Charter School of Science (PCSS) campuses in Everett (PCSS I), Beverly, and Saugus (PCSS II). Celebrations included decorations, morning announcements, educational art, and a fiesta to unite the PCSS community. All students were encouraged to participate.

“It’s super positive to see people taking ownership of their heritage,” said PCSS Teacher Robert O’Leary. “This is one of the first times I’ve seen everyone, Hispanic background or not, going out of their way to promote Hispanic Heritage Month.”

At PCSS I Upper School in Everett, students joined morning announcements to teach their peers a Spanish Word of The Day, followed by a “Fun Fact.” Everett Pioneer Lower School held special assemblies with videos and slide shows on alternating Mondays. Teachers also created educational bulletin boards.

PCSS II in Saugus celebrated with Fiesta Hispania, a night of games, food, and celebration. Eight Hispanic countries were represented by students and staff, calling back to their heritages. The night began with a Hispanic Parade, with students in traditional garments representing their respective countries. The school also welcomed a Zumba instructor from Venezuela, which opened the floor for dancing. A talent show, a “Hispanic Tour” of the eight stands, and educational, Hispanic-themed games rounded out the evening.

Pioneer Charter School’s Hispanic student body makes up close to 26 percent of its district’s student population.

The mission of PCSS is to prepare educationally under-resourced students for today’s competitive world. PCSS will help students develop the academic and social skills necessary to become successful professionals and exemplary community members through a rigorous academic curriculum emphasizing math and science. Balanced by a foundation in the humanities, a character education program, career-oriented college preparation, and strong student-teacher-parent collaboration, PCSS will meet its mission.

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