Garcia Announces Her Candidacy for City Council Ward 4

Holly Garcia has announced her caniddacy for City Council Ward 4. The following is her statement:

“My name is Holly Garcia and I am once again running for City Council Ward 4 for our great city that has always meant so much to me. My grandparents were lifelong residents of Everett. I moved here when I was 12 years old and I quickly became involved in all of the opportunities available to me. I graduated from Everett High School in 2009 having 14 years of perfect attendance. I continued my studies and graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Justice Studies and again in 2015 with a Masters in Psychology.

Holly Garcia.

Since I first ran for the City Council Ward 4 seat in 2021, I graduated from law school. During my time at Massachusetts School of Law I was the president of the Student Bar Association and the Diversity Alliance. I also participated in the warm meals program where we would deliver food to residents living in the local YMCA. I was honored to receive the deans award at my commencement ceremony for all of my involvements in extracurricular activities.

Community service is and always will be my passion and I have continued to pour hours of my free time into many great organizations here in Everett. I’ve been the chairperson for the Everett Citizens Foundation since its formation in 2019 and I am now also the chairperson for the Everett Youth Commission and the third Vice President for the E Club. I’m a lifetime member with Girl Scouts, a Cadette troop leader for the Everett Service Unit and I was chosen to be a national council delegate for Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. I’m also the faith formation director for Immaculate Conception and the head coach of the Everett High School Varsity Hockey Cheerleading team.

I’m pursuing my goal to be a city councilor now to bring back representation to our neighborhood. For more than a year, Ward 4 has had no representation on the Everett City Council because the incumbent city councilor has been barred from attending meetings due to serious charges before him. It’s time for us to move past this ugly episode and bring back our neighborhood’s voice to the City Council.

I will vote in favor to lower taxes, make affordable housing truly affordable, creating a solution for parking and resolve the overcrowding issues that our schools are faced with. I’m also an advocate for overcoming addiction and as a city we do need to improve the availability of resources for those in recovery.

I strive when it comes to communication, honesty and transparency. I am the best candidate to act as a representative to make informed and responsible decisions for the interests of our entire ward. Pride, positivity and professionalism are three words that best describe me and I’m eager to contribute my skills and ideas to the entire council if elected to this position.

I respectfully ask that you all please consider electing me, Holly Garcia for Everett City Council Ward 4 on Tuesday September 19th.

Thank you!”

E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook: Holly Garcia for Everett City Council Ward 4 

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