Chelsea and Ferry Streets Roundabout Nearing Completion

A first-hand view of the work being done on Everett’s new roundabout revealed that the project is progressing toward a completion soon.

Workers, using cranes and trucks, were continuing their construction Tuesday of the new roundabout located at the intersections of Chelsea and Ferry Streets. Everett Police officers helped motorists navigate the circular intersection safely while providing security at the site.

A roundabout is different from a rotary in that a roundabout is smaller, has one lane, and promotes slower vehicular speeds. The roundabout will eliminate the somewhat lengthy waits at the former traffic lights that inhabited the busy intersection for decades.

“It looks like we’ll have our first roundabout in Everett soon,” said Ward 6 Councilor Al Lattanzi. “From what I’ve seen and experienced, I think the traffic flows better there and it will be safer because of the decreased speeds necessitated by the roundabout.”

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