Newest Roundabout in Everett Taking Shape: Intersection of Chelsea and Ferry Streets

Everett Ward 1 Councilor Wayne Matewksy has viewed the preliminary outline of the new roundabout in the city, and he is optimistic that it will improve the flow of traffic.

There are currently orange and white barrels in the middle of the intersection of Chelsea and Ferry Streets that have created the look and feel of an actual roundabout, with none of the former traffic lights that were there for decades.

“I was by the roundabout today, and though I’m a little confused by the whole change, the state had experts come in and they figured it out,” said Matewsky. “I think it’s going to work well, though I don’t like the big transformer box in front of Sam’s Spa.”

Matewsky added, “Once the landscaping is done at the roundabout, I think people will get used to it and there will be a favorable response to it.”

“The most important aspects of the project are that the roundabout will improve the traffic flow and increase public safety in this well-traveled area,” said Matewsky. “I hope motorists will exercise caution at this intersection.”

As far as Matewsky could recall, the roundabout is unprecedented in the city.

“We’ve had rotaries (Sweetster and Santilli), but this is the first inner-city rotary (roundabout) in Everett,” said the Ward 1 councilor.

Ward 3 Councilor Darren Costa said he has also traveled through the newly designed intersection.

“Roundabouts are constructed to reduce the amount of time motorists stop at traffic lights and they also say it’s safer – there will be yield signs on all sides,” said Costa. “I have to trust the state in that they’re providing the safest and most efficient manner to keep traffic moving. I think overall, the roundabout is a good thing.”

Always wanting to engage residents in the process, Costa said he will request a public forum to hear residents’ concerns about the new roundabout and whether any improvements need to be made.

It is not known exactly when the landscaping and construction of the roundabout will begin, thus replacing the temporary barrels that are currently situated within the busy intersection.

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