Costa Focuses Efforts on Host Agreement With Encore Boston Harbor

Ward 3 Councilor Darren Costa said he is focusing a lot of his efforts on the City of Everett’s Host Community Agreement with Encore Boston Harbor and a potential renegotiation of the pact.

“I’ve spoken at multiple public hearings with the goal of getting a firm commitment that the original Host Agreement would be opened up in lieu of the other options in the contract,” said Costa. “One of those options would be to create a secondary Host Agreement for the new locations across the street where Encore intends to expand.”

Ward 3 Councilor Darren Costa.

Costa said that Encore Boston Harbor is making a payment of approximately $28 million to the City for Fiscal Year 2024. Encore also generously donates $250,000 annually to the Everett Citizens Foundation’s grant program that assists local organizations.

“It’s not just about the money, it’s also about encouraging them as not only a partner, but a community member,” said Costa. “I’d like Encore to become involved in a collaboration with the city in solving the affordable housing situation.”

Costa did commend Encore Boston Harbor Public Relations and Community Relations Director Beth Gibbons for her efforts in reaching out to the community and becoming a highly visible presence in the city.

“Beth has been great liaison from Encore to our city,” said Costa. “She was particularly helpful in connecting Encore with our local non-profit food distribution outlets. To her credit, Beth arranged for the shipment of extra meals to our non-profits and they were able to distribute them to our resident. Beth has worked hard and we as a city are grateful for her efforts. We look forward to Encore’s continued partnership in all aspects of our city.”

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