On the Campaign Trail: Darren Costa Endorsed by the Greater Boston Labor Council Union

Greater Boston Labor Council endorses Darren Costa. The following is his statement:

“I am thrilled and honored to share some remarkable news with you all. Our journey to build a stronger, more inclusive Everett has reached an exciting milestone – I am proud to announce that our campaign for the Everett City Council has been officially endorsed by the prestigious Greater Boston Labor Council!

This endorsement holds significant meaning to me personally, as well as for our community. The Greater Boston Labor Council represents the dedicated workforce that fuels our city’s progress, and their trust in our vision reinforces our commitment to representing the interests of every resident, ensuring a brighter future for all.

As we embark on this campaign journey together, it is crucial to reflect on the values and principles that underpin our collective aspirations. We believe in unity, progress, and equity, and this endorsement is a testament to the fact that we are on the right path. Together, we can advocate for workers’ rights, fight for fair wages, and create new opportunities that empower families and individuals across Everett.

The hardworking men and women of the labor community form the backbone of our city’s success, and it is our solemn duty to ensure that their voices are heard, and their concerns are addressed. I am fully committed to collaborating with the Greater Boston Labor Council and other stakeholders to champion policies that prioritize workers’ well-being and create a thriving environment for businesses and residents alike.

This endorsement is not just about my campaign; it is about the collective power of unity and community-driven progress. It symbolizes our shared vision for Everett, where every citizen has the chance to prosper, where no one is left behind, and where diversity is celebrated as a source of strength.

As we move forward in this campaign, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the members and leaders of the Greater Boston Labor Council for their invaluable support. Together, we are a force to be reckoned with, and with your backing, we can achieve great things for Everett.

Let us continue to work together to build a stronger Everett. I promise to be a tireless advocate for the well-being of our residents, the prosperity of our businesses, and the preservation of our shared values.

I invite each one of you to be a part of this journey. Together, we can shape a brighter future for our beloved city. Please share this blog post with your friends, family, and fellow residents to spread the word about this momentous endorsement.

Thank you for your unwavering support and for believing in our vision. With the backing of the Greater Boston Labor Council and our united community, we are poised to make a lasting impact on Everett’s future.”

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