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Immaculate Conception Parish Hosts Multicultural Festival 23 on August 26

The Immaculate Conception Parish of Everett is proud to announce, “Multicultural Festival 23” on Saturday, August 26, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Lafayette School Park. The day will include a variety of family-based activities featuring a variety of ethnic music, food tables, dancing, and activities. There will also be an all-day soccer tournament with all proceeds going to the Immaculate Conception church.

The Immaculate Conception church has evolved into a very culturally diverse parish made up of Italians, Irish, Latinos, Haitians, Vietnamese, Filipinos, and Africans. Our pastor, Fr Joseph Chacha Marwa, invites you join to us to celebrate the diversity of our parish and the City of Everett by sharing our various cultures. For more information, please contact the rectory at 617-389-5660. We look forward to seeing you there.

Middlesex Sheriff’s Office Issues Scam Warning for Local Residents

The Middlesex Sheriff’s Office is urging local residents to be alert for an ongoing phone scam in which the perpetrators are posing as members of the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office (MSO).

Over the course of the last week, multiple local residents have reported receiving messages from individuals claiming to be members of the MSO.  In some cases, the callers are using the names of real MSO personnel and even telling residents to report to a legitimate MSO address.  In one instance, an individual received a follow up call from a scammer while in the lobby of the MSO’s administrative office in Woburn.

In each case, scammers told residents there were warrants or fines in their name for failing to pay citations or for failing to appear for federal jury duty. The scammers sought anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars to clear up the matters, and some wanted the fines to be paid using pre-paid cards.

Fortunately, none of those who reported calls this week lost money.

“By using the names of actual Middlesex Sheriff’s Office staff and giving residents real office addresses, these scammers are attempting to lend an additional appearance of credibility to their fraudulent schemes,” said Sheriff Koutoujian.  “We want residents to be vigilant, and know that our staff will never threaten arrest or demand payment for fines over the phone. No legitimate law enforcement agency will ever ask that anyone pay a fine using a pre-paid card, Venmo or Bitcoin – that is a tell-tale sign of a scam.”

Residents who receive scam calls in which individuals identify themselves as MSO deputies may contact the MSO at 978-667-1711 and ask to speak with the Inner Perimeter Security (IPS) Unit.  Individuals are also encouraged to notify their local police department.

To learn more about law enforcement arrest scams and how to protect yourself, please visit our website at

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