Everett Women’s Volleyball League Celebrates 50 Years

The Everett Women’s Volleyball League will begin its 51st season September, according to President Mary Mangraviti. The players’ feeling of pride in the league’s celebration of its 50th anniversary continues, however.

“Our volleyball league was founded in 1972,” said Mangraviti, a 1982 graduate of Everett High School where she played varsity tennis.  “The women were inspired by the President’s Council on Physical Fitness. League games were originally played during the day at the Everett Recreation Center.”

The leaders of the Everett Women’s Volleyball League, from left, Treasurer Keri Lemasters, Secretary Tracy Saraceni, and President Mary Mangraviti, pictured at the 50th anniversary banquet.

Eventually, the league was moved to Wednesday nights, and since 2016, the games have been conducted at the Lafayette School gymnasium.

“The success of our league would not be possible without the support of Mayor Carlo DeMaria, his administration, and the school department,” said Mangraviti.

Mangraviti, whose father, the late James J. Mangraviti, was a long-time teacher and principal of the Centre School in Everett, is assisted at the administrative level of the league by secretary Jen Otterson and treasurer Keri Lemasters.  The league also has a professional referee, Amy Grigg, who played college volleyball and has officiated NCAA Division 1 games.

“We’re having registration for the new season now,” related Mangraviti. “We will be holding our player selection draft and beginning our season on Sept. 27. We will conclude the year with playoffs and a banquet in May. We’ll have about 60 players competing this season.”

Mangraviti said the volleyball league has become much more competitive, with several former high school and college players now participating on the eight teams.

“Our players range all ages, from 18 to ladies in their seventies,” said Mangraviti. “We have sisters playing. We have mothers and daughters playing. One year, we had a grandmother, a mother, and a daughter playing.”

There will be signups for the league on Wednesday, Sept. 6, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., at the Parlin Library. Players can also register online.

It could be said that running a very successful league in Everett runs in the Mangraviti family. Mary’s uncle, the late Peter Mangraviti, was the founder and president of the former Everett Eagles Pop Warner organization.

“I guess this is my genetics passing on that I’m taking care of the Women’s Volleyball League,” said Mary.

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