Costa announces his candidacy for re-election as Ward 3 Councilor

Darren Costa has announced for re-election as Councilor of Ward 3.  The following is his statement:

“Dear Ward 3 Neighbor, I am writing to announce my candidacy for re-election as your Ward 3 City Councilor. Please allow me to tell you a few reasons why you will be interested in this topic. You may remember that I was suddenly called to office last June after the incumbent (and now my opponent) was forced to quit. I’ve learned so much since then and I’ve decided: We deserve better.

The good news is that Everett has made a lot of progress during my first year in office.

I’d like to share how this impacts you, what I’ve done so far, and ask for your vote on Tuesday, November 7, so I can continue to serve our community!

Darren Costa.

Zoning Protections: Zoning ordinances sound boring, but they are critical because, when done correctly, they can protect our neighborhoods from overdevelopment, traffic congestion, and parking shortages. Our current zoning ordinances are old, outdated and overlooked. These important issues have been ignored for decades, resulting in developers benefitting more than residents. Developers have been allowed to build in Everett at any cost, regardless of pollution, congestion and other negative effects. We deserve better. So, I’ve been working with the Planning Board to amend our zoning ordinances to better suit the needs of our community — now and in the future — and to require developers to deliver more benefits to our community. I have also organized stakeholders to create a Master Plan for Ward 3, including Glendale Square. I am an independent voice representing our residents and advocating for our health and safety.

Wynn Casino Expansion and Renegotiation: Wynn is proposing an Encore Boston Harbor East of Broadway expansion. Unfortunately, Everett came up short in the first negotiation of the Host Agreement with Wynn. We deserve better. I would not approve expansion plans until we have an updated agreement that supports the interests of Everett’s residents much more thoroughly. I’ve pushed to negotiate a new Host Agreement. In our negotiations, we must consider the full scope of Wynn’s growth, including the future expansion of 50 more acres. For example, Wynn currently only has to pay Everett an annual escalator of 2.5 percent, a rate far less than the rate our property taxes increase each year. Wynn should be required to collaborate and pay more, generate more green space, create more open public/private areas, and put any new parking structures below ground. More of my ideas on this topic are published in the Everett Independent opinion section on June 7.

City Budget Stewardship, Allocation and Transparency: The City’s operating budget is where all of our hard-earned tax dollars are allocated and spent. That money is meant to provide services to our citizens. Unfortunately, our budget approval process has lacked proper oversight and expertise for too long. We deserve better. As a business person and financial professional, I understand how to manage finances wisely — and in the open. In under a year, I’ve learned our City’s budget and will push for much-needed improvements. I’ve already increased transparency and accountability, and I am beginning the process of saving us money AND increasing services. (Meanwhile, legal fees are costing us all $1 million and counting).

Let’s Talk: I’d like to continue to work really hard for our community. I’ve been an active member of several committees and hold a perfect attendance record. Your vote keeps my independent voice on the Everett City Council, a voice that will push for your best interest, for our community’s best interest, not for some special interest group.

I’m engaged in our community and I’d like to hear from you. I hold office hours every Tuesday morning at The Well Coffee House and Tuesday afternoons at City Hall. I often join Mystic Valley Elder Services at the Whittier Community Center on Friday mornings for coffee hour. Please reach out to me directly to schedule an appointment, in person or Zoom, with your availability. I’d love to meet you and I hope to have your vote on Tuesday, November 7. We deserve better — and we can get it!

Thank you,

Darren Costa

Ward 3 City Councilor and 2023 Candidate for Re-Election

Everett, MA (617) 544-7089

Facebook and Instagram: @Darren4Everett.

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