City Council Votes To Grant $1 Million To Everett Youth Initiative Council

In an historic event for the City of Everett, the City Council has voted to grant a $1 million appropriation to a youth organization.

The Everett Youth Initiative Council (EYIC), consisting of Everett High students, can now use the ARPA funds to pay for city projects that the Council will ultimately select from proposals that have been submitted by residents.

The Council’s vote was a monumental triumph for the Everett High 2023 graduate Kien Lau and Everett High 2022 graduate and Harvard student Samaga Pokharel, who founded the EYIC with the hope of students being able to have a voice in city government. Lau delivered an eloquent address at the Council meeting, highlighting the amount of work that the EYIC had put forth in shaping and advancing its bid for the $1 million in funding.

Also receiving much praise for their leadership efforts and the long-awaited passage of the $1 million appropriation were Ward 2 Councilor Stephanie Martins, a co-adviser of the EYIC who championed the cause and supported the students’ quest to be heard from the outset, and School Committee At-Large member Samantha Lambert, a co-adviser of the group.

 “I’m very pleased with the City Council’s approval of the funding for the Youth Council,” said Martins, who was the sponsor of the original resolution that created the Youth Council. “I’m happy to provide any type of support they need, whether it’s questions about city departments, trying to schedule meetings, or just helping them to understand how things work so they can navigate through the process.

Martins described the ideas for projects as “original and amazing.”

“And the reason why is because the ideas came directly from the people, and they know what the city needs,” said Martins.

Ward 6 Councilor Al Lattanzi voiced his ardent support of the $1 million appropriation and the dedication of the students.

“I support our students, 100 percent, and I’m happy for them,” said Lattanzi. “Now, we’re going to see how the funds are going to be dispersed. The students and the community have some great ideas for projects. The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and I appreciate the fact that our students put so much effort, energy, and thought into this initiative.”

Council Approves Fiscal Year 2024 Budget of $267.6 Million

Monday night the City Council unanimously approved the Fiscal Year 2024 city budget in the amount of $267.6 million.

The Council also passed the Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund budget of $21.6 million. Also approved was the 2024 ECTV Enterprise Fund budget (submitted by Mayor Carlo DeMaria) in the amount of $549,756.

Prior to approving the city’s budget, the Council cut funding for some of the city government positions that have remained vacant in recent years.

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