Marcus Seeks Re-Election to School Committee Post

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Ward 2 School Committee Member Jason Marcus has announced his campaign for re-election to Everett’s School Committee. Marcus is no stranger to public service, having served on Everett’s Common Council, Board of Aldermen, Charter Review Commision and now School Committee. Known for his compassionate leadership style, Jason Marcus has dedicated most of his adult life towards helping people and making Everett a better place. His motto has always been “Experience, Leadership, and Always Here to Help”.

Jason Marcus and his longtime companion, Claire Laidlaw.

“My goal is to help people”, said Marcus. “It is what I have done all my life from a young adult, through the years, and continue to do so”, he added.

In addition to his time in public service, Jason Marcus has spent his adult years volunteering for many causes and organizations near and dear to his heart. He has been a member of Big Brother of America, a volunteer for Perkins School for the Blind, and coached many Everett children in youth basketball. Earlier in his life, he attended Northeastern University, he served as a U.S. Army Reserve Combat Medic, and then worked for the MBTA as a member of Local 589.

During Jason Marcus’ time in public office, he has always had his constituents best interests at heart. He has been a leading voice on the Everett School Committee for increased school safety measures. He has a record of supporting new schools and increased classroom space. He recently voted to support a new Everett High School that incorporates vocational programing and he voted in support of renovating Pope John to help with overcrowding issues.

Jason Marcus doesn’t just say he cares. He has a record of unselfish community involvement as a volunteer and elected official. Jason Marcus doesn’t need to make empty promises. He has a proven record of service to the people of Everett. Jason Marcus doesn’t just say he loves Everett. He has a lifetime of showing it. Jason Marcus has been there for Ward 2. Now he needs and appreciates your vote on Election Day.

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