DeMaria Presents Citation to 10-Year-Old Who Called 911 After Spotting a House Fire

Special to the Independent

Mayor Carlo DeMaria presented a citation to Angela Landaverde, a 4th grader at the Parlin School, whose call to 911 upon spotting smoke from a house fire allowed firefighters to quickly respond and prevent further damage to the home and possibly save lives.

Landaverde and her family joined Mayor DeMaria at City Hall to present a citation in recognition of her heroic actions.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria presented a citation to Angela Landaverde alongside her family and
Everett Fire Department Deputy Chief William Hurley.

“I was glad to award her a citation for her quick and heroic response to danger and her ability to think quickly on her feet and remain calm at such a young age,” said Mayor DeMaria. “Angela is a student at the Parlin School, and I’m sure they are all as proud of her as we and her family are. Well done, Angela. Your actions saved the day.”

On May 13, a fire broke out at a home in Everett. Smoke was spotted by 10-year-old Landaverde, who immediately dialed 911 without hesitation or panic. The Everett Fire Department was able to respond as quickly as possible as they were able to keep the potential damage from the fire to a minimum without any injuries thanks in part to her actions.

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