Terri Ronco Named New Director of Human Resources

The City Council unanimously confirmed the appointment of Terri Ronco to a three-year term as the City of Everett’s new director of human resources. Ronco has begun work in her key position, succeeding Justin Shrader. Ronco was seated in the Council Chambers next to Mayor DeMaria’s Chief of Staff, Erin Deveney, during the Council meeting.

Terri Ronco Director of Human Resources.

Ronco previously worked at the Greater Boston Food Bank as senior human resources manager. Ronco grew up in Maine and has lived in Everett for five years. She is a graduate of Allegheny College (Pennyslvania), where she majored in English Literature. Ronco worked in retail management for several years. “That’s how I decided that I wanted to work in HR because I managed people. So, I’m not a traditional HR person, I didn’t go to school for HR, but then I got my Master’s in human resources management and most recently I got a Master’s in employment law (from Northeastern University),” related Ronco. Ronco said she is looking forward to working with Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s Administration in her new job. “I really hope that I can help make a difference and really cultivate a great culture here for employees,” said Ronco. “I’m a resource and I love helping people, so I’m really looking forward to it.”

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