Firefighters Begin Classes for Fire-Based Ambulance Service

Everett Fire Capt. Anthony O’Brien, who oversees EFD emergency medical services, said that firefighters will begin taking classes Feb. 27 for the new fire department-based ambulance.

“Our firefighters will start OEMS (Office of Emergency Medical Services) bundle training, consisting of 5-6 classes, on Monday. There will be a total of 10 training sessions through the month of March,” said O’Brien, who is working in collaboration with Capt. Derek Perretti, who oversees training and safety operations for the department. “Taking these classes is an OEMS requirement. They’re the Office that ultimately gives the department the license to operate the ambulance.”

O’Brien said that once the firefighters have completed the classes and the ambulance license is issued to the city, “it’s ultimately up to the chief of the department [Scott Dalrymple] to make the decision” about the actual date to begin the fire department-based ambulance service in the city.

O’Brien added that “there is some administrative work that needs to squared away” before that decision is made by Chief Dalrymple.

The City of Everett purchased the new ambulance at a cost of approximately $250,000.

O’Brien said that City Councilors Al Lattanzi and Darren Costa took separate tours of the new ambulance which is based at the Hancock Street fire station.

“I was given a tour from stem to stern of the new ambulance, and I was very impressed at what a beautiful vehicle it is. I know it’s going to be a great addition to the City of Everett,” said Lattanzi, adding that he intends to provide an update for residents on the ambulance at the Feb. 27 Council meeting.

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