Making the Right Calls: Emily Green Makes Her Debut as a Certified Junior Umpire

Emily Green has excelled as player in the Everett Girls Softball League and as a cheerleader in Revere Pop Warner.

And now the talented 14-year-old athlete is making a name for herself at Glendale Park as a junior umpire. After taking an umpiring class last year, Green made her debut as a certified junior umpire in May and has been calling games in the Under-12 division of the Everett league. Emily, who stands 5 feet, 4 inches tall, has also been the home plate umpire in leagues in Stoneham, Medford, and Winchester.

Emily Green.

Being behind the plate is not an entirely new experience for Emily, who is the daughter of Lizbeth Valerio-Green and John Green. Emily has been a catcher in the Everett softball league in addition to playing outfield and second base positions.

Lizbeth said Everett Girls Softball League President Vinnie Oliva and League Coordinator Peter Sikora have been very supportive of her daughter’s umpiring career, offering words of encouragement.

“They’ve helped Emily build up her confidence and improve as an umpire,” said Lizbeth.

Emily has also been inspired by her parents, and her brothers, Jeffrey Gomez, who is a student at UMass/Amherst, and David Gomez.

Emily is becoming a popular role model for the younger players, who have been inquiring to her about becoming junior umpires themselves.

Emily also participates in Scouting and is on the path to becoming an Eagle Scout. She is working on her Eagle project, which is assisting in youth recreational programs.

“Between all her extracurricular activities, she keeps busy,” said Lizbeth, who is a Scout Leader for Emily’s coed Scout troop.

But for now, Lizbeth Valerio-Green is traveling to local ballparks and rooting for the home plate umpire.

“I go to all her games, because I want to support her,” said Lizbeth, noting that sometimes parents and coaches can get intense about certain calls in games. “I usually sit behind home plate, so if she gets nervous, I can give her some emotional support.”

Emily isn’t looking toward a career as a professional umpire. Today, there are, in fact, women who are in refereeing positions in the National Football League and the National Basketball Association.

“She wants to be an orthodontist or an obstetrician,” said Lizbeth.

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