Reverend Myrlande Desrosiers Honored by French Government

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Reverend Myrlande DesRosiers, MPA; J.D.; MDiv., founder of the Everett Haitian Community Center has been named “Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiqucs” by the French government for her work in promotion of the French language and francophone culture. Created by Napoleon in 1808, and codified as an order of merit by decree in 1955 by President René Coty, the Order or Academic Palms is bestowed to distinguished academics and teachers, and is one of the oldest civil honors given by the republic of France. On behalf of the French Republic, Ambassador Philippe Etienne wrote “[T]his distinction is a testimony of the recognition of the French authorities for the action you have taken in favor of the promotion of the French language and culture in the United States.”

Reverend Myrlande

Rev. Myrlandc DesRosiers is a graduate of the Suffolk University Graduate School of Government and Law, and an ordained pastor having studied Ministry and Pastoral Care at the Andover Newton Theology School. Additionally, she is a Fellow at the Tufts Health Literacy Institute and a frequent lecturer and collaborator at the Harvard University Department of Languages. “I started my work promoting Francophonic because it called me, it had been a passion for me since my childhood, and I felt a personal duty to endeavor to share the Francophonie with the world,” said Reverend DesRosiers. The Reverend’s work in promoting francophonic began in the 1990’s, and she has since made this mission one of the many pillars of the Everett Haitian Community Center’s (“EHCC”) work. EHCC’s Emerging Bright Stars Academy provides an extra-curricular program for youth to connect with their Francophone roots by learning the French language and exploring the diverse cultures chat make up the beauty of the francophone community. EHCC has fostered a relationship with the French Consulate of Boston, and both regularly collaborate to organize events across Greater Boston to promote francophonie.

EHCC became a citizen ambassador and for the first time brought the Consulate of France co the city of Everett to celebrate the international month of francophonie, marking a milestone in the movement to promote francophonic in the city. In his remarks to the public during the first ever celebration of Francophonie in the city of Everett, French Consulate General Arnaud Mentré recognized Reverend DesRosiers for her work on an individual level and with EHCC regarding the promotion of francophonie, stating “[W]e arc very graceful for all you’ve done to promote the French language amongst the Haitian community here. Today the Everett Haitian Community Center is the central institution for francophonie in Everett.” Professor Karen Truman; PHD of Harvard University’s Department of World Languages declared “Congratulations! For the past three years, my French students at Harvard University have participated in a cultural exchange with the children of the Haitian Center under the direction of Mrs. Myrlande DesRosiers. It is truly an honor to be able to work together and to connect my students to a community of engaged learners in Boston.”

EHCC would like to congratulate Reverend DesRosiers on this incredible and well-deserved achievement. The future of francophonie in Everett is bright, and we arc proud to be a pare of the global francophone community .

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