Capturing the Spirit of the Competition: Victoria Fabbo Receives Major Award at Miss Massachusetts USA Pageant

Everett native Victoria Fabbo was the recipient of the Spirit Award at the Miss Massachusetts USA Pageant held March 26-27 at the Burlington Marriott.

The award recognized Fabbo for “promoting friendship and sportsmanship” during the entire pageant process. Fabbo was selected for the award by the other contestants and the pageant staff.

Everett native Victoria Fabbo,
Miss Middlesex County, is pictured at the Miss Massachusetts USA Pageant held at the Burlington Marriott.

“I was honored to receive the Spirit Award because it made me think of my [Pop Warner] cheerleading coach, Kristin [Fulton], because I won so many spirit things with her, so it was nice,” said Fabbo.

Victoria, who was Miss Middlesex County, joined 70 contestants in the pageant, participating in evening gown and swimsuit competitions, and appearing at an interview conducted by the pageant.

“I had my evening gown and interview outfits made by Daumos Boutique in Dorchester,” said Victoria. “They’re a mother-daughter team and immigrants from Cape Verde. It was really special meeting with them and getting to know them. They’re an amazing team.”

Victoria had more than 30 family members and friends in the audience at the pageant.

Inspired by Her Cheerleading Coach Kristin Fulton

Victoria Fabbo attended the Webster and Keverian Schools in Everett before the family moved to Wakefield. Her older sisters, Bianca Fabbo and Nicole Fabbo, were captains of the Everett High School girls soccer team. Her younger sister, Gina, is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Her parents, Victor Fabbo and Karen Fabbo, previously owned Vittorio’s pizza restaurant on Lebanon Street, Everett.

Victoria said Everett is a close-knit community and was a great place to spend her childhood years.

“I think Everett has a real sense of community and family pride that you don’t see in other communities,” said Fabbo.

Victoria was inspired to enter the Miss Massachusetts pageant by her former cheerleading coach, the late Kristin Ciarlone Fulton.

“COVID-19 was hard for everyone and losing Kristin was very hard for me,” said Victoria. “She always made us smile. She always had decorations for everybody. We all had our own outfits and accessories that Kristin made from scratch. And it just made us feel special as kids to receive something so nice. We so appreciated Kristin’s attention and kindness.”

Victoria, who stands 5-feet tall, said she truly enjoyed the Miss Massachusetts USA pageant experience. At the age of 28, she was the eldest contestant in the pageant.

“They did a great job running the pageant and   I made a lot of new friends,” said Victoria.

A Registered Dietician

Victoria Fabbo is a registered dietician who holds a Master of Public Health/Dietetics from University of Massachusetts Lowell and Bachelor’s of Science (in Culinary Nutrition) and Associates of Science (in Bakery and Pastry Arts) degrees from Johnson and Wales University.

Fabbo works as a dietician at St. Joseph’s, Dorchester, and TAG Virtual Wellness.

“I hope to work on being a spokeswoman for nutrition and educating others,” said Victoria. “Nutrition is not really taught in school systems, and I feel it should be taught everywhere.”

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