Letter to the Editor

I am Sorry

To the Editor,

“I want to begin with saying I am sorry. I have had time to reflect and I recognize that my actions were wrong and I take full responsibility for them. I am sincerely sorry for the hurt that I have caused to members of my community. My failure to recognize the implications of these actions and your feelings can only be rectified by acknowledgement, education and engagement.

I have served the City of Everett for nearly a decade. My goal has always been to improve the lives of all our residents. I love the City and people of Everett. I ask for your understanding and patience as I work to learn from this error, so that I can better serve all our residents. For now, I am ashamed, disappointed and embarrassed, but I am committed to improving.

I have been working with Human Resources and The City’s Director of Equity and Inclusion to identify ways to heal both as an individual and community. 

I will be enrolling in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training and I will continue to take steps to better understand and be a better person.

I’ve spoken with minority, civic and religious leaders in the community and will be meeting with them to continue an open dialogue.  I am willing to listen and engage the practice of restorative justice.

I ask those who know me and those who don’t, to not let what I have done define me.

I understand the hurt I have brought to my community.  I promise, if you give me the chance, I will prove I am a better person.”

Anthony DiPierro

Everett City Councilor – Ward 3

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