Election Day is Set for this Tuesday, Nov. 2

Election Day in Everett is less than a week away. 

There are 11 contested races, ranging from mayor to Ward School Committee, for voters to decide. Four incumbents have no opponents .

The most-watched race will be for mayor, with incumbent Mayor Carlo DeMaria being challenged by Ward 1 Councillor Fred Capone.  Both candidates have served for decades in public office and are well-known to the city’s voters.

The other contested races include the Council-at-Large seats, where 10 candidates are vying for five seats. Two incumbents, John Hanlon and Michael Marchese, are seeking re-election to the council. The other eight candidates are Stephanie V. Smith, Richard J. Dellisola Jr., Guerline Alcy, Angelmarie DiNunzio, Kenneth P. Giannelli, Allen L. Panarese, Irene M. Cardillo, and James A. Mastrocola

In Ward 3, incumbent Councilor Anthony DiPierro  is being challenged by Darren Costa.  In Ward 4, Councilor Jimmy Tri Le is being challenged by Holly Garcia.  In Ward 5, Councillor Rosa DiFlorio is being challenged by Vivian Nguyen. In Ward 6, there is an open seat being sought by Alfred Lattanzi and Ross Pietrantonio.

The School Committee-at-Large contest has six candidates vying for three spots.  Two incumbents, Samantha Lambert and Cynthia Sarnie, are seeking re-election, while four candidates, Margaret A Cornelio, Berardino Bernie D’Onofrio, Robert A Santacroce, and Joseph A LaMonica also are seeking seats.

School Committee Ward 2 is an open seat and is being sought by Caitlin Steinberg and Jason Marcus.  In Ward 3, another open seat is being sought by Samantha Hurley and Jeanne Cristiano. In the Ward 4 School Committee contest, incumbent Dana Murray is being challenged by Michael Mangan. In Ward 6, an open seat exists and Michael McLaughlin and Catherine Tomassi Hicks are seeking the spot.

In the uncontested races, Council President Wayne Matewsky has moved from an at-large position to running for Councillor of Ward 1 and in Ward 2, Councillor Stephanie Martins is unchallenged.

There are two uncontested races for School Committee. Ward 5 Committeeman Marcony Almeida Barros and Ward 1 School Committee member Mille Cardillo are both running unopposed.

In addition to absentee ballots, the electorate can do early voting at City Hall on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and on Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

There are more than 21,000 eligible voters who will be able to cast ballots on Election Day.

All Eyes Will be on the Race for Mayor

The contest for mayor in Tuesday’s election between incumbent Carlo DeMaria and Ward 1 Councilor Fred Capone will be the most-watched contest on the ballot and is expected to draw a large turnout of voters.

The major work for Capone will be how to spin all of the positive accomplishments of DeMaria into a need for change.

There is little disagreement that DeMaria has transformed the image of Everett from a decaying, 19th-century industrial city into a 21st-century Green community.  He is recognized as a national and state leader in many areas, including a commitment to dedicated bus routes that have reduced the commuting times for public transit riders.

DeMaria also has reimagined the city’s green spaces, overhauling decrepit parks from being poorly-maintained and, in some circumstances, unsafe spaces, into green, urban oases that residents of all ages are able to enjoy on a regular basis. He has successfully opened up the Everett waterfront for parks and water activities.

With the city’s finances well-balanced, DeMaria is asking voters to let him finish the job of moving the city forward.  He has set his sights on remaking the more than 96 acres of industrial land in the lower Broadway area into 21st century affordable housing, green space and life science industrial space, with additional rail transit stations that will decrease traffic on the roadways.

Capone’s message to voters is that the time has come for a change. He has pointed to his experience of 18 combined years on the former Common Council and present-day City Council that establish him as uniquely-qualified, “To make Everett a safer, more affordable and inclusive place to live, work, and raise your family.”

In the closing week of the campaign, The Independent asked both candidates for their vision for the future of Everett.

The following are their responses:

Mayor Carlo DeMaria said, “My vision for Everett is a vibrant, diverse, and welcoming community boasting transit-oriented affordable housing combined with state-of-the-art schools, shops, and recreation facilities. My vision for Everett is open green spaces replacing outdated, dirty, and industrial land. My vision for Everett is a community who takes care of our longtime residents while keeping our door open to those seeking to call Everett home. My vision for Everett is a community that provides the services, support, and facilities that give our residents the opportunity to flourish.  My vision for Everett is to be a pioneer throughout the State from dedicated bus lanes and bike trails to an accessible waterfront. My vision for Everett is to create an Everett for Everyone.”

Ward 1 Councillor Fred Capone said, “As a city councilor for the past eight years, I have played an active role in our city’s advancement.  That said, there is so much more we need to improve upon.  My vision for our city is a safer, more affordable community, where there is mutual respect for one another.  A community that embraces our differences as well as our similarities demonstrated by free thought, and open discussion and debate.  A mayor who truly listens to our residents and is responsive to their needs.  A city government that is accountable and transparent, not only in financial matters, but via a free flow of information.  A community that continues to prosper and grow without destroying its neighborhoods due to poorly planned development.   My vision encompasses a heightened focus on education, including more vocational opportunities, so that every student can reach maximum potential.  I envision more green space and reduced traffic congestion due to better alternative transportation options.  Improved quality of life for our seniors by implementing a shuttle service that takes them to major points within our city.  Finally, a thriving business community and bustling downtown that provides jobs and services for our residents. These are all attainable goals and we will reach them by working together.  “

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2 and polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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