DeMaria’s Zoning Changes for Exxon Site Approved

The Everett Planning Board met on Monday night and unanimously approved with a favorable recommendation Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s request for a zoning change for the 96-acre site of Exxon property on lower Broadway.

The City Council at a special meeting on September 29 forwarded the proposed zoning changes to the Planning Board for its recommendations. 

At Monday night’s meeting, the Planning Board recommended that the changes in the zoning of the property  be changed to read as follows:

To amend Appendix A: “Table of Use Regulations,” in the following manner:

Use: Heavy manufacturing providing there is no outside storage work and there are no emissions of noxious odors, smoke or noise, and no vibration discernible on the exterior of the building. Amending by deleting “SP” allowed use by special permit and insert “-”  to signify use not permitted

Use: Light manufacturing (excluding scrap metal), producing, processing, fabricating, printing, converting, altering, finishing or assembling, entirely contained within the structure with no associated emissions of noxious odors or noise, on a scale requiring not more than a total of five horsepower or steam pressure in excess of 15 pounds gauge pressure. Amending by deleting “Y” allowed use and insert “SP” to signify use allowed by special permit.

Storage of goods in containers where all storage is contained within the building, not including storage of any raw or natural materials. Amending by deleting “Y” allowed use and insert “SP” to signify use allowed by special permit.

With these recommendations approved by the Planning Board, the matter now goes back to the City Council for their vote on the zoning changes .

DeMaria had appeared before the council on September 29 to urge the start of the process to change the zoning requirements for the use of the land saying, “We can remove this blighted industrial area and replace it with 21st century bio-pharma, med-life sciences companies.”

He also outlined that since the 96-acre site is one of the largest tracts of underutilized land in metro Boston, he hopes to add one, if not two, rail transit stations, as well as green space and living units. The council probably will act on the matter at its next meeting on November 1

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