Everett Police Patrolman’s Association Endorses Mayor DeMaria’s Reelection

Mayor Carlo DeMaria was formally endorsed by the Everett Police Patrolman’s Association (NEPBA Local 94)  for his re-election as Mayor of Everett. NEPBA Local 94 represents Everett’s finest as they serve to keep Everett safe day in and day out.

“What was once seen as old shutdown businesses and abandoned lots, have become beautiful residences and thriving businesses, Through your implementation of Code Enforcement, rooming houses and illegal apartments that required a constant police call for service have become a thing of the past, ” said Patrolman Jermaine Bellard, President of NEPBA Local 94. “Being a Police Officer is challenging today and due to your dedication to the men and women of the Everett Police Department our members are well trained and better equipped to provide safe and effective policing to best serve the residents of Everett.”

“It is a privilege to have the steadfast support of the Men and Women of Everett’s police department,” said Mayor DeMaria. “As Mayor, I am proud to have such a meaningful partnership that not only keeps Everett safe, but is also committed to creating lasting trust with Everett residents. Thank you President Jermaine Bellard and all members of NEPBA 94 for your dedication to our beloved city and your words of support.”

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