Letters to the Editor

“Critical Race Theory”

To the Editor,

This is an informational letter for clarity.

It has come to my attention that somebody running for office is incorrectly telling folks that we are implementing “Critical Race Theory” in our schools. We are NOT.

EPS is implementing “Culturally Responsive Teaching,” which happens to use the same acronym —I realize that this is confusing, but it isn’t Everett’s acronym. Please use the link for more information and correct this misconception when you are presented with it.


This work in culturally responsive teaching is imperative to our schools. At this point, I’m assuming that this misinformation is being spread in error and not malice.

With that said, we cannot allow ignorance around responsible educational practice or malicious, intentional political machinations to impede the development of our children. Period.

“Critical Race Theory” is a very complex field of study and exposure to that material happens in college or graduate school.

By contrast, “Culturally Responsive Teaching” is  necessary next step in moving our school system forward.

Malicious and/or ignorant rumors will be hugely detrimental to our students and staff, and MUST NOT be propagated.

Thank you for your time.



Dana Murray

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