23 Students from Everett Receive fourth-Quarter Honors at Mystic Valley Regional Charter School

Mystic Valley Regional Charter School recently released its third quarter Honor Roll for the 2020-2021 academic year.  All in all 256 MVRCS students in grades 7-11 achieved either High Honor Roll or Honor Roll Recognition. Some 23 young men and women hailing from Everett were part of the list.  To be on the Honor Roll a student needs to finish the quarter with no grade lower than a B-, to be on the High Honor Roll a student needs to finish the quarter with no grade lower than an A-.

Since its inception in 1998, Mystic Valley Regional Charter School has educated students from the communities of Everett, Malden, Medford, Melrose, Stoneham and Wakefield.  The school has nearly 1,600 students in grades K-12 and strives tirelessly to deliver a world-class education characterized by a well-mannered, disciplined and structured academic climate.  Located in Malden, MVCRS has an extensive character education program as well for students in all grades, incorporating core values and fundamentals ideals of American Culture embodied in the Declaration of Independence and United States Constitution.  MVRCS is proud to be the lone public school in Greater Boston to offer a 5-day in-person learning option.

Honor Roll Students from Everett

High Honor Roll

•Grade 9: Niamh Stewart.

•Grade 8:  Kevin Capa, Vy Nguyen, Lucas Santos, Pamella Freitas Da Silva.

•Grade 7: Rihanna Closeil, Mohammed Daoud, Elijah DeTore.

Honor Roll

•Grade 11:  Carissa Loesch, Brandon Paris, Ayman Ramzy.

•Grade 10: Amira Harda.

•Grade 9: Eva Boudreau, Esther Souza, Eva Truong.

•Grade 8:  Lily Van Campen, Lucas Freitas, Emerson Lyons, Hannah Mulugheta. •Grade 7: Brady Capa, Ana Luiza Hunter, Allesandro Lau, Zion Presume.

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