City of Everett Bus Lane Reminders

The City of Everett would like to remind residents about the best practices regarding bus lanes throughout the community. Bus lanes run inbound on Broadway from 5am-9am and outbound on Broadway and Main Street from 4pm-7pm.

“Bus lanes have been implemented in the City of Everett to help everyone’s commute,” said Mayor DeMaria. “We all need to be mindful and share the road to minimize traffic and ensure our community’s safety.”

The bus lanes not only remove buses from traffic congestion on Broadway but it also smooths out the flow of vehicle traffic. These lanes shorten the trips of Everett’s 15,000 daily bus riders by as much as 7 minutes, which allows buses to make more trips each morning and evening. This helps to reduce crowding on the buses and improves the reliability of the bus schedule.

Please be mindful of the road and be aware that blocking these bus lanes during their active times can cause difficulties for all commuters including drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

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