DiPierro Makes Case for Safer Streets

Since his tenure in office first began, Ward 3 City Councilor Anthony DiPierro has been pushing for traffic calming measures in the City of Everett.

In 2016, the state legislature passed the Municipal Modernization Act, giving cities and towns the authority to reduce speed limits to 25 MPH in thickly settled districts in the interest of public safety.

In a community as densely populated as Everett, the argument that the entire city is a thickly settled district could certainly be made.  Earlier this year, neighboring Malden implemented a city-wide speed limit of 25 MPH and DiPierro is hoping to do the same.

Over the past couple of months, DiPierro has been working closely with Sergeant Joseph Gaff of the Everett Traffic Commission to implement the reduced speed limit.

“My goal here is to educate those that drive in and through our community that 30 MPH is simply too fast on most streets in a densely populated city like Everett and hopefully make our streets safer in doing so,” he said.  “Sergeant Gaff and I have been discussing how to effectively implement the measure without adversely affecting our residents and I look forward to his recommendations.”

The measure is slated to be discussed at the April 21 meeting of the Everett Traffic Commission.

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