Matewsky Chosen as New Council President for 2021

The Everett City Council elected Councilor-at-Large Wayne Matewsky as the 2021 City Council President during their annual Organizational Meeting on Monday, January 4 – with some attending in person and some attending via Zoom.

“Honesty, respect, and fairness has always been what I strive to do in this chamber and in my life,” said Matewsky. “I want to thank my colleagues who spoke and sponsored me tonight. I’m very grateful, [and] I appreciate your faith in me.”

New Council President Wayne Matewsky welcomed his mother, Marion, to the Council Chambers on Monday night, Jan. 4, to celebrate his first-ever election as Council President. He will chair his first meeting next week.

The motion to nominate Matewsky as President was accompanied by words of praise from many of his fellow Council members, each of whom recognized his dedication to serving the people of Everett. His election to the position of Council President was unanimously affirmed by the body, with no opposition from fellow Councilors.

“I have known Wayne for many years and have always admired his work ethic and his deep connection that he has fostered with his constituents throughout the years,” said Mayor Carlo DeMaria. “I look forward to working closely with Council President Matewsky and want to congratulate him for his election to the position of Council President.”

President Matewksy has proudly served 40 years in public office, advocating for the Everett community. He has held numerous elected positions, including Common Councilor, Alderman-at-Large, and Massachusetts State Representative. Matewsky has been on the City Council as a Councilor-at-Large since 2015, but in all his years, he has never been the Council President until now.

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