Cases of COVID-19 Continue to Stay in Double Digits Day After Day

The numbers of COVID-19 cases in Everett were on a roller coaster ride over the past week, spiking likely due to Thanksgiving holiday gatherings, then settling back down again early this week.

The City saw the most cases reported over the past week than at any time since the spring, logging 410 cases. That was bolstered in particular by a shocking 106 cases reported on Dec. 4.However, cases immediately dipped down to 19 on Monday, and then up to a manageable 31 on Tuesday. Most were hoping the numbers would stabilize the rest of the week. There were 293 cases in the previous week.

The most recent numbers are as follows:

•Tuesday, Dec. 8 – 31

•Monday, Dec. 7 – 19

•Sunday, Dec. 6 – 51

•Saturday, Dec. 5 – 47

•Friday, Dec. 4 – 106

•Thursday, Dec. 3 – 64

•Wednesday, Dec. 2 – 49

•Tuesday, Dec. 1 – 43

Everett is still a beneficiary of the state Stop the Spread testing program and there is ample free testing all over the city right now through Dec. 31. There is no appointment necessary, and test results are usually available within 24 to 48 hours.

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