Everett State Rep. Race Shows Slow Fundraising, Spending

While the race for state representative in Everett this summer has had a good deal of interest and debate – at a social distance of course – it hasn’t generated a lot of fundraising or spending compared to other nearby races for state representative.

State records from the Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) have been revamped during this election cycle to require candidates to submit campaign reports every month – giving those on the outside a clearer look at how campaigns are running from month to month.

It, of course, has been a brave new world trying to campaign and raise money within the confines of COVID-19 restrictions, which means there are no in-person fundraising events or rallies or numerous house parties bent on raising money for campaigns. In all, incumbents have led the way due to their network of established donors from the past, and that was no exception in Everett where State Rep. Joe McGonagle outpaced his challenger, Councilor Michael McLaughlin in fundraising last month.

McGonagle and McLaughlin started June in relatively similar spots when it came to fundraising and capital available. However, McGonagle raised $19,901 in July to bring his cash on hand to $21,102 on July 31.

Some of his notable donations came from Councilors Anthony DiPierro and John Hanlon, as well as School Committeeman Frank Parker. Former House Speaker Tom Finneran, and his wife, Donna, also contributed to the campaign $200 each in July. The Everett Superior Officers Union also contributed $500 in July.

Maximum donations of $1,000 came from the owner of Capitol Waste, EM Duggan’s Executive Vice President and his wife, the owner of JK Glass Company, Natick Attorney Cheryl Kimball and June Corry of the South Shore.

Of the 82 donors to the campaign, 22 were from Everett – or about 27 percent.

It was a big month for the McGonagle campaign in July, though, as it only raised $2,900 in June, showing that the campaign hit its stride with fundraising just last month. There were only seven donors to the campaign in June, and one was from Everett.

Meanwhile, for challenger Michael McLaughlin, July was also his biggest fundraising month, but he fell far short of the McGonagle war chest.

McLaughlin raised $4,500 in July, and has $4,887 on hand as of July 31.

Of his eight donations, four were from Everett and another two had extensive business in Everett – including Frank Mastrocola and Attorney Anthony Rossi.

Those giving the maximum donation of $1,000 were Mastrocola, Lidia Rossi, Attorney Rossi, and Anthony Rossi Sr. of Everett.

The McLaughlin campaign did not show any fundraising in June.

On the expenditure side of things, July had nothing really to speak of from either candidate when it came to spending – though anecdotally the spending has seemed to pick up in August. Those numbers, however, will not be out until after the Sept. 1 Primary Election.

The largest expenditure in the campaign thus far has been from McGonagle to Somerville political consultant Feargal O’Toole. He was paid $8,897 from the McGonagle Campaign in July.

The only other expenditures of note were $500 in ads in June and $450 in ads in July to Advocate Newspapers. There was also $1,000 in printing costs in June to Connolly Printing of Woburn.

For McLaughlin, the only expenditures in July were $125 to Independent News Group, and in June $1,100 to Connolly Printing of Woburn.

Other state representative races in surrounding cities have far outpaced the Everett race, with incumbents and challengers raising significantly more money and spending it as well.

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